For us, home staging is all about shifting a property away from the seller’s decor, furniture and personal objects so that potential buyers can start to imagine it as their own.

With our FREE home staging service, we offer clients who sign an exclusive 6-month contract with us the possibility to sell their property at no cost quickly and at the best price.

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We are experts in flats and buildings for holiday apartments, apartment hotels and hotels.

For real estate investors looking for a net income we can offer properties in strategic locations that deliver excellent medium- to long-term profits and greater liquidity in the short term.

We also offer assets ready to be renovated (although in some cases the situation might be more complicated, e.g. they might have tenants or the family might be selling the property through a complex operation) so that investors who transform properties can buy them at the best market rate, renovate or refurbish them and then sell them on to clients looking for elegant new properties.

We can also offer advice to investors on renovation and construction projects. All our clients are fully covered by the necessary legal protection to provide complete peace of mind throughout the entire operation.

We offer buyers, sellers and those looking for a rental income profitable properties in strategic locations negotiated at market rates.

Our team of professionals carefully guides investors and helps them choose the best option for their profile and investment plan.

Golden VISA: Spanish residency for non-EU citizens

A GOLDEN VISA is awarded for two years, renewable if the holder still fulfils the necessary conditions. The holder’s spouse, children and parents (first-degree relatives) may also be granted Spanish nationality.

Since the end of 2013, any foreign investor may buy one or more properties for the sum of €500,000 or more, excluding taxes. The Golden Visa enables foreign investors to reside in Spain and travel throughout Europa (Schengen Area).


  • Investment worth €500,000 or more, EXCLUDING TAXES, in one or more properties.
  • Have public or private medical insurance valid in Spain.
  • The investment of €500,000 must be free of charges and encumbrances.
  • Only a NIE is required to purchase properties.
  • A bank account is not necessary but is advisable.
  • The Property Register certificate/s corresponding to the property/ies must be submitted.
  • Entered Spain legally.
  • 18 years or older.
  • No criminal record.